Winter 2020

With winter here, the risk of falling greatly increases. A fall can dramatically change a senior’s life so prevention is key. What to do? There are many things to do but the 3 smartest are the easiest.


It sounds silly but one of the easiest things to do is to check footwear. They must fit well and be in good condition. Loose fitting shoes or worn soles can cause tripping or slipping. This kind of accident is completely preventable.

Solution: Get new or different outside shoes or boots. It might be an inconvenience to get them but the consequences will be worse!


Clear your path. Anything in your path either inside your residence or outside can trip you up.

Solution: Ask for help to make sure your path is unobstructed. Falls can happen inside your house/apartment so don’t neglect a second look at the obvious.


HOLD ON. Sounds humorous but always hold railings if available or ask for an arm for support.

Solution: People like to help others so make someone feel good and ask for help while outside. Thank them with a smile and a few kind words. You might make someone’s day!