Financial Confidence

Have a professional come right to your home to develop the portfolio you need.

Information Portfolio

Take control of your financial future and where you will spend it. A senior needs to have a listing of all their assets. Hidden assets can be identified that can be converted into extra cash. We put together a smart portfolio from copies of your original documents (we will help you locate them and ensure the originals are in a safe place). We collect, catalog and then organize all your important papers creating a complete view of your present holdings. You can easily access and manager your personal papers. We customize a record portfolio so you have everything in one place. Your records are accessible both on paper and in electronic format.

Cashflow Portfolio

Make informed decisions. We compile all your monthly revenues and expenses and make sure you are aware of any hidden expenses. Get all your inflows and outflows in front of you in an easy to understand format. You will be able to get a clear understanding of your cash potential so you can see how it matches up to future care expenses. We can search out and guide you through your choices which will enable you to find the best fit for your lifestyle and circumstances. Your inflows/outflows are put together in an easy to read Cashflow Portfolio. Your Portfolio will also present Personalized options specific to your current situation and future care.

Legal Portfolio

Ensure your choices are followed. Putting your thoughts in writing is the best way for a senior to ensure all their family is “on the same page.” All parties need to understand the decisions and desires that a senior has for their personal assets and their own personal care. We facilitate seniors and their families by putting together a Legal Portfolio that includes a will, power of attorney and advanced care planning. We accompany seniors to legal appointments and ensure important papers are accessible and stored carefully. We also sensitively approach advanced care planning with seniors and build a plan to support the primary person as well as family members.

 A Personal Service Business

A Personal Service Business

Why AdvancingLife CareServices? - Technology and Knowledge

Seniors, loved ones advancing in years, don’t have to understand technology to benefit from it. Web based information can be shared so that family members are kept in the loop. Save time. Save money. Ensure your piece of mind. Your senior will be getting the attention they need and the updates your family wants. Double the communication power with phone updates and web-based histories—you will have instant access to a secure web portal just for your senior. That’s a powerful base for you to use to stay informed. The record keeping technology provides up to date information, a living history of care and ongoing updates concerning a senior's circumstances on a regular basis.

Mary-Ellen D'Souza, Owner

A senior should feel safe where they live and be confident about their options. That's what we believe at AdvancingLife CareServices. Why did a successful senior controller from the high-tech world change direction and repurpose her skills? Her father and father-in-law passed away within a year of each other and the family had a lot to deal with --- and there were so many gaps . The issues experienced by her family made her deeply aware of the missing components for seniors and their families. A desire to create a solution a senior can turn to in order to feel cared for and financially confident using technology was an obvious next step. AdvancingLife CareServices is the answer to the gap families feel when having to use community resources that are stretched to limit.
Mary-Ellen D'Souza
Mary-Ellen D'Souza
Founder & CEO

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  • Winter 2020

    With winter here, the risk of falling greatly increases. A fall can dramatically change a senior’s life so prevention is key. What to do? There are many things to do but the 3 smartest are the easiest. ONE It sounds silly but one of the easiest things to do is to check footwear. They must […]

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